How Much Money Can You Earn Through Blogger and How?

How Much Money Can You Earn Through Blogger and How?

How Much Money Can You Earn Through Blogger and How?

How Much Money Can You Earn Through Blogger and How?

In the year 2017, when I came to know that one can earn through blogger for the first time, many questions arose in my mind, such as-

  • Is It realistic to make money Blogging?
  • How much money do Bloggers make?
  • Is Blogger good for earning money?
    How much Bloggers pay per 1,000 views?
  • How long does it take to make money from a Blog?
  • How to earn money using Google Blogger?

And many more…

But do you know what the best thing happened to me!

I got answer of all type of question related to google blogger in last 6 years. So, if questions related to Google Blogger also come in your mind, then you don’t need to spend so much time. Just read this article completely and in 10 minutes you’ll get the answer to every question related to Google Blogger, that too with proof. You will get to know – How much money can you earn through Google blogger and how.

Understand What is Google Blogger and Why it Gives Money


Before entering blogging industry to earn money, let’s understand “what is google blogger“.

Google blogger( is a free blogging platform of Google. Here you can create your blog with your Gmail account without any cost. Domain name, hosting, template everything google provides you totally free. Only thing you have to do is publish regular blog posts. You can also customize your blog.
If you are thinking that blogger is difficult to use then rest assured. It is very easy to use! Not any coding or technical knowledge is required. Just write or edit what you want, and click publish, that’s it!

Why Blogger Gives Money?


When you create a blog on Blogger and publish your content in it, many people read it through the Internet. If your content is good, then million of traffic starts coming to your blog. And remember – where there are people, there is advertising.

Taking advantage of this, Google shows advertisements to people through your blog. Advertising companies pay Google for these advertisements. Google keeps a part of the same money with itself and gives a part to you. Because, even though everything was given by Google, you did the hard work of creating that blog and posting a blog post on it. This is a simple business that benefits everyone.

Is It realistic to make money Blogging? 

Surely money can actually be made from blogger! If you understand worldliness even a little, then you cannot doubt this fact. Let me explain how.

When a crowd of people gathers at any place, it becomes a marketplace. If thousands of people start coming to your blog everyday to read what you have written, then it also becomes a marketplace. Now there, you can sell anything, advertise or promote anything. Now will you do all this for free? You will definitely ask for money in return. Is not it!

And those who are selling or advertising something, find such places where they can show their advertisement to thousands and millions of people to generate leads and then sells. So in such a situation why won’t they give you money? Because they get benefit in return. If they can earn 10,000$ in return by giving you 1000$ then why won’t they give you 1000$? Think for yourself…

That’s why money can really be earned from blogger, the only condition is that you have to share good information with the world through blogger.

Different Ways to Earn Through Blogger

There are a lot of earning ways from blogger. Such as –

  • Earn through blogger by showing advertising
  • Earn through blogger by sponsorships
  • Earn through blogger by Affiliate marketing
  • Earn through blogger by selling digital products or courses
  • Earn through blogger by Sponsored content
  • Earn through blogger by Membership sites

1. Earn Through Blogger by Showing Advertising

If you publish good content on your blog, then thousands of people will come to your blog through Google and other search engines to read that content. In such a situation, you can earn a lot of money by showing advertisements to people visiting your blog through advertising networks like Google Adsense,, Ezoic, Propeller ads.

How Much Money can you Earn from Blogger Through ad Networks?

There is no limit to this! If traffic comes in thousands or in lakhs on your blog, then you can also earn a lot of money. It also depends on what topic your blog is on, what kind of people come to your blog. There are many bloggers who earn more than 30-40 lakhs a month only from Google Adsense.

Real time example –

  • Amit Agarwal (India)
  • Blog –
    Adsense earning – $25,000 per month
    Estimated Traffic – 5.3 Million monthly visitors (According to Semrush)
    Source – Blogger Passion

2. Earn Through Blogger by Sponsorships

When quality traffic starts coming on your blog, many businesses want advertising their goods and services directly on your blog or website. In such a situation, they pay you a substantial fee to promote their item through your blog. This is called sponsored ads. In this way you can earn a lot of money.

For example – Huffpost blog

  • Traffic – Around 40-50M per month
  • Income – $250M per year

3. Earn Through Blogger by Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, you sell the goods and services of others directly through your blog by an affiliate link. In return, you get a commission for it. Almost every e-commerce company has an affiliate program.

Now like, through affiliate marketing you sold a laptop worth $2000 and you got $200 as commission.

For example –
Health and wellness blogs, travel blogs, fashion blogs earn a lot from affiliate marketing.

Note: Top bloggers say – you can earn more through affiliate marketing than google adsense. Even many have not activating adsense advertising in their blog, such as shoutmeloud.

4. Earn Through Blogger by Selling Digital Products or Courses

You can earn a lot of money through your blog by creating digital products such as eBook, theme, tool etc. or by selling a course. Many professionals create their own blog and sell their eBooks or courses through it.

Once people have faith in you, they definitely buy your digital products and courses. Suppose you sell an online course that costs $500, and if you can sell it to a thousand people, your income is $5,00,000.

Nail Patel is a great example of this.

5. Earn Through Blogger by Sponsored Content

Whenever your blog is popular, other people want the traffic of your blog to go to their blog and business as well. In such a situation, they ask you to write sponsored content for them on your blog. In return, they get ready to give you the asking amount. Because they know that as long as traffic keeps coming to your blog, it will keep going to their blog or website through that content. You can earn much better money than this.

How much money can you make doing it?

Many popular blogs take up to $5000 comfortably for each sponsored content. So from this you can guess how much money they would be earning.

Earn Through Blogger by Membership Sites

You can also earn money by creating a membership site on many topics. That means whoever wants to read your blog will have to buy membership of your blog, by paying a fee every month. Suppose the monthly fee for membership on your blog is $10 and 10,000 people subscribe to your blog every month, then your total income is $10×$10,000=$1,00,000.


So you understood how you can earn through blogger. By creating a blog, you can earn money through Google Adsense, Sponsorship, Affiliate Marketing, Digital Product and Course selling, Membership Sites and many more ways. If you ask how much money can be earned from blogging, then let me tell you, there is no limit to earning money from blogging. There are many people who are earning crores of rupees a month. Everything will depend on your efficiency and your hard work. This is a business only. Your cleverness plays an important role in this to earn money. Then what are you waiting for! Create your blog on Blogger today and start earning.

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